Our Cottage Garden

Our Cottage Garden

A year and half ago we bought our first home in over 10 years! Of course many of those years I spent praying that God would bring us the perfect home, and He did!

 I was so excited! I was finally going to have, not only my new home, but my own garden! The same day that we closed on our home, I removed all of the weeds out of one (out of 10) of our gardens in the backyard! I could hardly wait to get started! 


The first summer I planted mostly annuals, but soon realized that though they are beautiful, they can be a lot of work! Deadheading is this North Carolina heat isn’t my favorite chore:-) 

This past summer, my hubby, Joe and I, invested in a few perennials, and a few fill in annuals and I would have to say, the garden was beautiful! I still have so much to learn about gardening but so far it has been fun, and exciting! 

A cottage garden is my dream. I am by no means an expert, but with the help of my sister Tracy, I am enjoying the beauty of my new garden. 

If you have any favorite perennials or annuals that work in a cottage style garden, I would love to hear from you! 

Thank you for stopping by! Lisa xoxo

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